We have a range of courses available focussing on Mental Health recovery. Courses range from 1 full day to multiple weekly sessions. 
In 2021 we are returning to face to face facilitation with some courses available online. 
COVID SAFE – Please note all face to face courses have Covid Safe Conditions of Entry.
We also have workshops on a variety of topics that are less than a day, please see our workshops page.

Mental Health Recovery: Using a Wellbeing Approach

This ten week series of workshops provides an overall understanding and insight into mental health recovery.

Mental Health Recovery: Advancing Your Wellbeing Knowledge​

This course builds on the insight developed in ‘Mental Health Recovery: Using a Wellbeing Approach’ course.

Buried in Treasure (BIT)

BIT is a program to help people understand the reasons why they live in excessive clutter and the difficulties they experience in deciding what to keep and what to discard.

Tree of Life – Journaling for Mental Health Recovery

This course explores how journaling to improve your mental health is more than writing a few thoughts on a page.

Taking Care of You

In the midst of our busy lives, we can neglect our self-growth which then impacts our relationships and ability to adequately communicate our needs.

Purposeful Storytelling

How do you make meaning of your story and share that with others so that it motivates and encourages change for them?