'Stop Surviving, Start Thriving'
5 Week Course


Struggling with mental health challenges can feel like a person is moving through each day in survival mode. 

This course provides the fundamentals that can support a person to stop surviving and start thriving. It explores the concept of mental health recovery and wellness, regulation strategies for managing difficult emotions, provides insight in the services available within our local mental health system, explores treatment options and the importance of self-care in maintaining wellness to support a person to thrive through the recovery journey.


Topics Include:

What is Mental Health Recovery?

Managing Our Emotions

Navigating the Mental Health System

Understanding Treatments

Self-care for Wellness


Where: Self-directed via online platform catapult

When: Learning commences Tuesday 9th May and concludes Tuesday 13th June

Eligibility:  For people with a lived experience, carers or service providers who reside or work within South Western Sydney