Taking Care of You

Taking Care of You 3 week course is now available online via Catapult self-directed learning with two course delivery periods to choose from!

In the midst of our busy lives, we can neglect our wellbeing which then impacts our relationships and ability to adequately communicate our needs. Personal boundaries move and frustration, burnout and dissatisfaction can creep in. This short course will assist you to identify and understand when your wellbeing is suffering, when boundaries need attention and strategies you can use.

Each week you will work through a topic at your own pace and at a time convenient for you. You will be supported by our Peer Trainers whom will provide you with feedback at the end of each topic.

Eligibility: For people with a mental ill health lived experience, carers or service providers who reside or work within South Western Sydney

Student Learning Outcomes:

• Increased understanding of wellbeing and burnout
• Increased understanding of setting personal boundaries
• Develop stronger communication skills
• Develop skills to enhance healthier relationships

Course Commences: 23rd November 2020   Course Ends: 14th December 2020
Note: Registrations are now closed for this course. Courses will resume in 2021.

To register follow the link below and a member of the SWSRC team will be in contact with you to provide you with access to Catapult online learning platform.