'Trauma & Recovery'
5 Week Course


This course provides an overall introductory understanding and insight into trauma and its potential causes and impact on daily life. It will provide opportunity to learn how to recognise potential trauma symptoms and strategies to support yourself or another person through a trauma response.

We will also identify strengths and use these and other strategies to build resilience for hope and recovery. 


Students will be enrolled in one topic per week to complete at a time that is convenient for you. You then submit your activity responses by the weekly due date and a peer trainer provides online feedback.

Please be advised that content based on trauma can be overwhelming at times, therefore  you may like to discuss enrolment with a trusted support person or contact SWSRC team.


Topics Include:

Understanding and Responding to Trauma – Part 1

Understanding and Responding to Trauma – Part 2

Identifying Your Strengths

Exploring PTSD

Building Your Resilience

Where: Self-directed learning online via catapult (One topic per week)

When: Learning commences Tuesday 9th May and concludes Tuesday 13th June

Eligibility: For people with a lived experience, carers or service providers who reside or work within South Western Sydney