Understanding Recovery:
Using a Wellbeing Approach

This ten week series of workshops provides an overall understanding and insight into mental health recovery. 
Although we realise that it may be difficult to attend all sessions, we encourage students to come to the following 5 core topics:

· What is Mental Health Recovery?
· Strengths Approach
· Building Your Resilience
· Understanding Mental Health and the Act
· Navigating the Mental Health System

There is also five elective sessions to choose from on specific mental health topics, including:
· Exploring Alcohol, Drug Use and Wellbeing
· Exploring Depression
· Exploring Bipolar
· Exploring Grief and Loss
· Exploring the Experience of Personality Disorders

Next commencement:

Our face to face training is currently on hold until Federal and State Government restrictions are lifted. 

Keep checking our Online Learning page to keep up to date with new online workshop, course and support options.