South Western Sydney Online Mental Health Summit October 2021

The summit will be held during Mental Health Month, October 2021 with a focus on the theme of 
‘Pandemic Recovery Challenges 
and Resilience’. 

To find out more about the workshops being held during the summit, download the Mental Health Summit timetable here.

Covid Connections

Participating in arts based activities supports our mental wellness.

Roads to Recovery #2 Finding the Light on the Horizon

Panel discussion.

Exploring Inclusivity for First Nations People with Disability

Explore how social support is a key component to recovery.

Chronic Illness & Being Mentally Healthy - through a pandemic

Explore practical ways of balancing chronic illness and mental health during challenging times

Q&A for Young People

Panel of experts answer your questions re Covid-19. For youth aged 12-25, their families or service providers.

Building Resilience in Challenging Times

Practical strategies to manage challenges with a calm mind.

Pandemic Impacts on Aboriginal Elders

A workshop for service providers to explore strategies to support mental wellness of our Elders.

Gambling Resilience and Recovery in a Pandemic

Learn effective strategies for building resilience towards gambling.

Exploring Anxiety - a Pandemic Perspective

Explore anxiety and practice anxiety management strategies.

Navigating Mental Health Support and Self-help During Covid

Explore a range of free mental health supports and self-help tools.

Roads to Recovery #1 Coping with Isolation and Loneliness

Panel discussion.

Exploring Inclusivity for LGBTQIA+ People with Disability

Explore how social support is a key component to recovery.

Pandemic Impacts for Older People

Explore social disconnection and practical Quality of Life strategies.

Talking Towards Zero Suicide

Hear a variety of stories, coping strategies and how to create safety plan.

Creative Resilience 'Makers' Panel Discussion

Explore how Learning, Sharing and Creating can spark social connection.