Supporting Someone in Crisis

What is a mental health crisis? What are the early warning signs?

Managing Our Emotions- Navigating Unchartered Waters

How do we make sense of and cope with our emotional reactions whilst remaining emotionally and psychologically well during a time of social distancing?

Self-Care and Wellness for Essential Workers

Essential workers are still working to support the community. Being on the front line may affect mental health well-being. We look at self-awareness, self-care strategies and supports

Effective Advocacy

What are effective ways to self-advocate and advocate for others when rights are denied or needs not met?

Wellness Approach to Mental Health Recovery

Living well with mental health challenges is possible.

Cuppa and Catch Up

Grab a cuppa and catch up with the SWS Recovery College team!

Self-Care and Wellness for Young People

Maintaining our mental health and well-being is critical in navigating the challenges presented by social distancing and what this entails for each individual and family unit.