The South Western Sydney (SWS) Recovery College is seeking interested males to establish a Men’s Focus Group to develop male specific learning and education courses/workshops. The SWS Recovery College provides learning opportunities about recovery and wellbeing for people with mental illness, their families and carers; staff of mental health providers; and staff and volunteers of community based services.

The SWS Recovery College Men’s Focus Group will be instrumental in co-designing and informing SWS Recovery College of courses that will best meet the needs of men to support them in their recovery. The
co-design will include curriculum development and review. The Men’s Focus Group will be a sub-group of the SWS Recovery College Expert Panel with a strong focus on co-design that engages consumers, their families and carers, and health workers in the design and development of learning and development opportunities to be delivered through SWS Recovery College.

The Men’s Focus Group will comprise up to ten members and will be established through an open Expression of Interest (EOI) process.  In the establishment stage, it is envisaged that the group will meet at least four times and then twice a year after that.

The exact number and mix of representatives (including cultural and Aboriginal representation) will be determined based on EOI applications.

Consumer and carer representatives will receive a payment for their participation.  Health and service representation will be on an in-kind basis.

The Men’s Focus Group is expected to work with SWS Recovery College and The Expert Panel to guide and inform the co-design of male specific recovery focused training to be approved by members of the Expert Panel.

The Manager of SWS Recovery College will provide secretarial support to the Men’s Focus Group in the initial setup stage but it is hoped that this task will eventually be driven by members within the group.

If you would like to apply to be a part of the Men’s Focus Group, please send us a one page application telling us why you want to participate and what skills you would bring to the group. Expressions of interest will close Friday 6th March, 2020.

For further enquiries regarding the Men’s Focus Group contact;

  • Julie Deane, GM, Community Mental Health & Training, Macarthur Disability Services
    Phone 02 4621 8400

Expressions of interest can be lodged by post, in person or by email and please ensure that you include your preferred contact details (including day-time phone number and email/postal address) as part of your application.

Attn: Julie Deane
Macarthur Disability Services
PO Box 284
Campbelltown NSW 2560