Compassion Fatigue for Carers

Fulfilling a caring role for our loved ones is a natural by-product of loving them, and is often something we do without counting the cost for us.

In many circumstances we don’t necessarily recognise that we are a fulfilling the role of a carer as we are simply being a parent, partner, child or friend. However, it can often feel like we are running on empty and that we don’t have much more to offer. This webinar will explore the concept of compassion fatigue related to the carers role, and how we maintain our sense of self and wellbeing while continuing to offer compassion and support to the people we care for.

Student Learning Outcomes
• Explore and identify the signs and symptoms of compassion fatigue
• Understand how and why compassion fatigue transpires
• Identify ways of caring for ourselves and reduce the risk of compassion fatigue

Date: Wednesday 19th August
Time: 10:00am- 11:30am