'Exploring Psychosis'


‘Delusions’, ‘hallucinations’ and ‘disordered thought’…  experiences collectively known as ‘psychosis’ are often debilitating and terrifying for carers and much worse for those who experience them. The labels and stigma attached to diagnoses such as ‘bipolar’ and ‘schizoaffective disorder’ can have lifelong consequences for how a person may see themselves or how others perceive it. Still, there is always hope of recovery and creating a positive, purposeful new life.

This workshop will explore symptoms of psychosis from a lived experience and clinical perspective and will introduce five stages of managing psychosis in a variety of situations.


Learning Outcomes:

– Increased understanding of psychosis and its symptoms from a lived experience and clinical perspective

– Develop strategies to support your recovery or the recovery of others


When: Monday 27th February 2023

Where: Online via Zoom

Time: 9:30am to 11:30am


Eligibility:  For people with a lived experience, carers or service providers who reside or work within South Western Sydney.