Tackling the Challenge: Talking Men’s Health project.

Men can find it hard to talk about their health and wellbeing with others. The Tackling the Challenge project aims to break this silence by collecting stories from men about how they have overcome adversity in their lives.

Stories can be about any challenge that men have gone through in their life and the help seeking they used along the way. Some examples – migration, unemployment, divorce, isolation and chronic illness. These stories will be published in newspapers, radio, podcasts and social media.

Men need to be comfortable and ready to share their story but they can be anonymous. Sharing stories of getting through life’s challenges can help other men.

Read Tackling the Challenge stories here

If  you would like to get involved or for more information;
Phone: 4621 8701
Email: SWSLHD-WellbeingCollaboration@health.nsw.gov.au

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